January 6, 2017

Good Closet Hangers: an Inexpensive Luxury

At roughly $1 a piece, these wooden hangers beat the heck out of the cheap plastic hangers. I don't know why I didn't order these wooden hangers years ago. They're inexpensive and decent quality.

A couple hangers have a spot or two that aren't perfectly smooth, but they're not so rough that I actually got sandpaper out. Those spots are minimal and the only reason I noticed them were during fine inspection for this review.

The metal hook is strong and swivels. There is a notch in the top wood piece that helps keep tank-type tops on the hanger.

I use them in my daily clothes closet for shirts, cardigans, etc. The wood hangers are great for hanging damp clothes to let them air dry. They also hold up just fine with my winter coats.

I'll keep ordering more of these wooden hangers until all the plastic hangers are gone from my closet. Also, I will definitely give these as gifts to people who like little luxuries and like to keep their clothes in nice shape.

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