December 6, 2009

Bye-Bye, Household Mold!

Do you have problems with mold appearing in areas of your home? The main problem area in my house is the grout on the shower tile. I spray it with bleach, but the mold consistently returns.

After receiving a complimentary bottle of Concrobium mold control, I waited for the mold to reappear on the grout. I sprayed Concrobium on the entire tile area, and so far it has not come back. It looks like I really did find "the cure for the common mold"!

As explained on the Concrobium website:
"Unlike traditional “wet kill” products, Concrobium works as it dries – hardening over the moldy surface to form an invisible film that physically crushes the mold micro-organism underneath. And Concrobium stays on surfaces to provide continual resistance against mold regrowth."
Checkout the Concrobium website for more information about mold, and where to buy Concrobium.

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