November 1, 2009

Unique Home Decor

I used placemats for home decor before, and I did it again! It's fun coming up with "alternative" decorating solutions. Why buy a typical wall hanging when you can easily bring something more unique into your home decor.

My mantel decor started with an antique, salvaged ceiling tin. (See "before" picture below.) Alone it looked sparse, so I want to add 2 smaller items to add presence and balance.

I purchased the decorative wood pieces at Hobby Lobby. They were marked $9.99 each, but of course I purchased them at 50% off. However, when I got them home they looked too small next to the ceiling tin. By using a layering technique, I made the small wood pieces into a more significant wall decor that made a bigger statement above the mantel.

Layers: Placed on top of each wicker placemat is a small ceiling tin (also purchased at Hobby Lobby), and topped with the small, decorative wood piece. I spray painted the 2 ceiling tins to match the simple, green color scheme. The layers also add interest by bring different textures into the mix.

Have you used placemats in your home decor? Leave a comment explaining how you used placemats for decorative purposes!


Jules said...

I have a unique metal design that I love but didn't know what to do with. Going to go buy a placemat tomorrow! Thanks for all the great ideas.

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