November 4, 2009

New Life For Summer Plants's not trash, it's a treasure.
As fall begins to turn to winter, it's sad to see the greenery in porch planters all get tossed. Instead of tossing my ivy into the mulch pile, I snipped it and brought it in for the winter.

This unique basket was a clearance centerpiece item that came with rather ugly fake fall foliage. I removed the decor and simply set a glass inside the basket. Although I could have placed dirt in the glass, I chose to have the ivy live in water.

In spring, I'll have the choice of keeping the ivy in the basket or planting it outside again.'s not trash, it's a treasure.

(See a picture of how this home accessory fits into a mantle decorating scheme.)

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Jules said...

Would be a shame to waste that great vase/basket on fake foliage. Looks really nice.

Granite Countertops said...

ReUse and ReCycle are the best ways to ReDuce hazards to the environment and go green.