September 27, 2009

Decorating With Birch Logs

The white textural bark on birch trees makes these logs perfect for rustic decorating.

Compared to other types of trees, birch tend to have a shorter lifespan, making them relatively accessible. Living in Wisconsin, I have easy access to birch trees as they are often found fallen in the woods. However, city trees need regular trimming...perfect time to snatch them for decorating purposes!

These birch vases were made by removing the birch bark, and simply hot gluing it to a recycled tin can. As an alternative, use twine or colorful rafia to hold the bark to the container. Place flowers, pine boughs or even twigs in the containers. A smaller container would make a decorative pencil holder. These birch bark containers are perfect for mantels, shelves, dinner table centerpieces or anywhere! Simple, attractive, and using a recycled container makes this project eco-friendly!

Welcome your guests with this easy-to-make birch candle holder on your porch. Select a candle color that is appropriate for the season: orange for fall, red or green for Christmas, etc. Using a drill attachment that makes large holes is easier than chiseling a hole. I inserted a glass votive holder into the hole to hold the candle. Any size candle can be used, just be sure to have an appropriate candle holder to prevent accidental fires.

Note: You will harm a living tree by taking off its bark. Find trees that have died or knocked down from a storm. Other types of logs can be used, each will offer a different look and texture. Experiment, but please don't harm a living tree!

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NJ Cellulose Insulation Contractor said...

That is a great idea. At first glance I was wondering how you managed to hollow out the logs like that!