January 26, 2009

Fix the Clutter!

A clutter-free home brings peace to your space and mind. It can be hard to get started, so just be brave and jump into the 1st closet. It's not that hard if you take it in small steps, and you'll immediately feel the joy that comes with organization. Once you declutter, be sure to make changes to your routine to avoid finding yourself in a cluttered mess again. Decluttering is a worth-while challenge.

I found the article titled Fix the top 6 causes of clutter on CNN.com, and thought it had excellent fixes for the following "obstacles" you might find when decluttering:
  • 'If I get rid of this wedding vase, I'll feel guilty'
  • 'But I might need seven sleeping bags one day'
  • 'I think this brooch/chair/ugly knickknack might be valuable again'
  • 'If I put the bills away, I'll never pay them on time'
  • 'I want this chartreuse muumuu to go to a good home'
  • 'I want to declutter, but I can't get motivated'


Anonymous said...

All your "obstacles" are me defined perfectly. I found this article very helpful. I have a full load, a very active husband and a 2 1/2 year old. We live in a small apartment and find ourselves drowning in clutter day after day. I'm going to put a bunch of these ideas to use..thanks for the life raft!

kampman said...

The comments about why we don't rid ourselves of clutter are right on. They sounded silly when I read them, though. Thanks. I also found a couple og declutter books at knkhomeimprovements.com/moreinfo
You might want to check them out. I must go declutter now.