December 26, 2008

New Year...New (Affordable) Home Decor

Soon it will be time for the dreaded chore...putting away Christmas decorations. Instead of bringing everything back to the same ol' way you've always had it, take advantage of this time to spruce up your home decor. A few savvy changes will create maximum impact for the least amount of money.

Given the uncertain economic situation, start by using what you already own. Take a good look around your home and find things that are a little tired. Is it time to donate them to a thrift store, or can you add a new touch and bring new life back to the object?

A can a spray paint will revolutionize almost anything. For example, shiny gold is "out", but a can of spray paint will instantly change those gold picture frames, lamps, chandeliers, candle holders, etc.

A few bargain purchases at after Christmas clearance sales can give your house a fresh sense of style. Here again, that can of spray paint can change holiday painted items to whatever color will perk up your room. I like green as a year-round color, so I am always sure to purchase "holiday" candles that look great anytime.

Bring in new wall art in new colors to boost the mood of the room. Be sure to read my article on how to make a new piece of wall art that cost nothing! Also, think of items that were not originally intended to be used as wall art, but would add interest to room. For example, read my article on using placemats for decorating.

Color can take a room from drab to WOW! Check out the "oops" paint at your local paint store. You never know how a $5 can of paint might spark your creativity. Painting just one wall can instantaneously change the whole look and feel of the room.

Add a variety of pillows to make a big impact. Bonus: pillows are something ANYONE can make. Be creative and use fabric you already own. Clothing you might not wear anymore--that tweed blazer that went out of style a few years back will add texture to a room. I once made pillows from fabric placemats. Think outside the box!

If it's time for a more substantial transformation, add new wood molding to existing walls to instantly transform the look of a room. Small architectural elements like wood trim and molding add value and character to any room.

Tongue and groove wood paneling can totally transform a room, and it's a great DIY home project during a long winter. Take it from floor to ceiling, or add only decorative wainscoting. Wainscoting can be installed at different heights depending on the desired look. More traditional wainscoting extends up a bit higher.

Make a few changes using these ideas that won't break the bank. The same ol' thing is boring and bad for your mental health! Give it a try, bring some fresh style into your home.

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