January 22, 2009

Is Your Home Eco-Friendly?

Using eco-friendly products in our homes and daily lives has become a priority for many people. We have become more aware of how products can harm our environment AND our health. Here are a few simple ideas of how you can incorporate a more "green" way of life into your home.

  • Purchase products that are made from recycled materials. Everything from bird feeders to duct tape made of recycled materials are readily available. Check the labels for the eco-friendly seal.
  • Green cleaning products reduce the negative impact on the environment by decreasing air pollution, water pollution and ozone depletion.
  • Green practices also include diligent recycling. Think about the impact just in your community if every household throws away just 1 plastic container per week because they don't feel like cleaning it out. Take the extra minute it might require.
  • Reduce the use of products requiring disposal. Although plastic baggies are convenient for bag lunches, is it really that hard to use reusable plastic containers? Also, many laundry detergents are now available in a concentrate that don't require as large of a plastic container.
  • When remodeling your home, use eco-friendly products such as carpeting made of recycled plastic bottles. Another very eco-friendly flooring choice is reclaimed wood flooring. It is made from wood that was salvaged rather than tossed into a landfill, plus it makes a beautiful, unique floor for your home.
  • If you have household items or clothing that you no longer want, donate them to your local thrift store. Not only will you keep those items out of the landfill, but you will also help out a local charity. Remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure!
Everything you can do to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE will help our environment.


Anonymous said...

This is a great article. Even though the "going-green" motto is really out there, people need to be reminded on ways that they can make an impact. Simple things like looking at what your bird feeder is made of. Genius..get's me thinking about what others things I can be using made of recycled materials. Thanks again!

kampman said...

Good article. Green also means being conservative in the use of what we have as water, heat, lights.. Turn it off if yiu're not using it. And turn it down while you are. If you're not watching the TV, turn it off.
Keep up the good work. Doing some green home improvements on your home will save you money and the environment. We offer coaching and advice for the DIY home owner to get the job done.