November 14, 2008

Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood

Having an eco-friendly home is becoming more and more popular. If you're striving for a "green" home, don't stop at the structural features. Furniture made of reclaimed wood is not only green, but also something that your neighbors will certainly will not have.

Jetson Green is a daily updated web magazine that's obsessed with green building, sustainable architecture, good design, clean technology in the built environment, and eco-friendly development. They have a great article about furniture made from reclaimed wood. If nothing else, I love to browse the unique pieces that have a historical story to tell. Check it out: Meyer Wells Beautiful Reclaimed Pieces. Each piece has a style of its own...from contemporary to rustic.

If purchasing this type of furniture is out of your budget, make a trip to your local thrift store. For a matter of a few bucks, you can usually pick up a piece of furniture and make it into something perfect for your home. Think outside of the box. How about making a bench out of a bed frame. I've seen a few of those and they are so unique and will have a story for you to tell. A little paint can easily change the entire look of a piece. The possibilities are endless.

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