November 22, 2008

Decorate Your Doorstep for the Holidays

Dazzle your guests with doorstep decorations that are fun, easy and inexpensive. We all have unique "treasures" around our house that some may consider junk. Apply a little of your creativity (yes, we ALL have some) and soon you'll have a doorstep that will festively welcome visitors.

A Few Ideas To Get You Started

Have an old toboggan or sled? Here I added some lights, raffia and ice skates to an old, rickety sled for a cheerful porch decoration. Brightly colored mittens and a Santa hat tucked into the skates add a bit more detail that helps bring it to life. Take it in a different direction by tucking a pair of old wool socks and some pine boughs in the skates.

Creative Containers: A simple item such as these childrens boots serve as the perfect "vase" for pine boughs and tree sprigs. If you don't have children growing out of their boots, they are often available at local thrift stores or Goodwill.

Fill the boots with something readily available in your area. I am lucky enough to have several types of pine trees growing in my yard that provide ample decorating boughs. If you buy a fresh Christmas tree, keep those branches that need to be trimmed off the bottom. Faux boughs are always an alternative. Tree sprigs add a bit of height and interest. For additional Christmas flare, spray paint the sprigs red or white.

Put it all together
for a charming doorstep! This grouping takes very little space so it is perfect even for small stoops.

Whether decorating the interior or exterior of your home, always think about using items in ways other than how they are traditionally used. Go ahead, give it a try!

(Check back for more holiday decorating ideas!)


CatDogFish said...

These ideas are fantastic! Thanks for inspiring me to not do the same ol' thing when decorating this holiday season.

Julia said...

So simple! Great ideas.