November 26, 2008

Caring For Your Hardwood Flooring

The warm beauty glowing from your new hardwood flooring can be breathtaking. After it is first installed, you may even be tempted to ask people to not walk on your floor! Lucky for you, wood is a flooring material that is extremely durable and is an investment that will still be in your home for the next century. Maintenance of hardwood flooring is easy and will be one of the features you will love most about your hardwood flooring.

Reclaimed Antique Wood Floors
Proper care of hardwood flooring
will help keep floor scratches to a minimum and the glowing warmth everlasting:

• Use felt contacts and floor pads for furniture.

• Place rugs in high traffic areas across your hardwood floors.

• Sweep your floor regularly. I personally like the Swiffer because it gets every little piece of dust. Dirt build-up can be abrasive to your hardwood flooring.

• Mop with a spray solution designed for hardwood floors or even just a spray water bottle whenever your floor needs it. Never use a bucket of water to mop your hardwood floor---a fine mist is all it needs.

• Wipe up any water or liquid spills on your wood flooring as soon as you see it.

If you care for your hardwood floors properly they last literally over a century. The joy of quality hardwood flooring is that you can have them refinished several times if they get scuffed beyond what you consider character.

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Kristi said...

That flooring next to the vase is beautiful. I also love to use the swiffer, and currently I've been using a broom that is also a vacuum. It works great for corners and the bristles get into every nook and cranny and the vacuum just vacuums it up.