March 12, 2009

Kitchen Redesign - Just Say Yes!

People always joke about how during parties, people congregate in the kitchen. But that was not always true at our house...until we did a kitchen remodel. Now our kitchen truly is the nucleus of our home.

I adore the top of the line kitchens I see on hgtv shows. We remodeled our kitchen on a budget, but it still is wonderful.

The key to the success of our kitchen remodel was the kitchen design center we selected to help us design the new layout and select the new cupboards and counter tops. A designer came to our house, and then created a computerized view of their suggested layout. Together, we made little tweaks, and it was really a painless experience.

Truth be told, I don't really care for cooking. However, having a kitchen that is functional and stylish has brought out a little bit of "Rachel Rae" in me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh..can I PLEASE have your kitchen. Absolutely stunning!

Ellen @ said...

Oh dear, I think I mislead my readers. The pictured kitchen is one of the kitchens in the showroom at DCI Kitchen Design Center. They are the company that redesigned my kitchen. Although I do love my kitchen, it is not nearly as grand as theirs!

kampman said...

Love any kitchen that is the center of your home. If yours is like the one pictured, you are a lucky girl.
We give coaching and advice with a kitchen redesign anyone would like to do.

manny said...

the kitchen has been designed beautifully and the lighting is just awesome

Alice said...

My kitchen was so outdated just in its look, but we live on a tight budget, so a remodel was out of the question. I was turned on to by a friend. I used their removable vinyl wall decals to modernize the look of our kitchen. These decals have a matte finish so they blend into the painted wall and look like they were a part of the original decor. An absolute lifesaver for us, and our kitchen is beautiful!

Ellen @ said...


Thanks for the tip! Always looking for easy, inexpensive ways to change the look of a room.

1800 said...

I admit that, this is best kitchen I have ever seen. It is looking really stunning, I have some Home improvement plans to remodel my kitchen. That is to have new ceiling and remodeling the cupboards, sink etc. I will take your kitchen has example to design the layout for cupboards, cabins, etc.